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... at the end of that rugged climb, here is the source of Val Trovaj, that water is an intoxicating refreshment for the body and mind, and, soon after, Prada, with strong colors and intense aromas of spring from that unique view of the world, placed on Baldo, that looks like a bear lying to be pampered by the slow going down lake water, waiting for the the evening. This is a moment I will never forget for all my life! ...

Landscape: Prada is located at about 1000 meters above sea level, on the eastern side of Monte Baldo of the Italian's Prealps that looks towards the lake. In the eyes of the visitors, opens a suggestive panorama, unique in the world. To the west, the beautiful scenery of Lake Garda from above, in the foreground with the countries of the Brescia side the distant peaks of the Lombard Prealps, to the morainic hills towards the Gulf of Peschiera and Sirmione with its peninsula. To the east, the eye is pushed toward the rolling summits of Monte Baldo with its valleys and pastures that stand out against the green of the high pastures.

Starting on foot from Lake Garda, you get to Prada along the paths and bridleways - once used for the transhumance of cattle and the relationship between the Benaco, Baldo, Val d'Adige - in a wooded landscape, first with cultivation of olive trees, then a chestnut, oak and beech, finally, in the high, the pine forests, large pastures and grasslands of mountain pines.

From spring to autumn meadows and mountains are covered with many varieties of flowers, there are plenty of orchids, buttercups, edelweiss, medicinal plants, etc.. You can find even on the ridges, the rare "CALLIANTEMO OF KERNER" a beautiful buttercup white-rose that grows only on the mountains of Verona, blooming among the rocks above 1700 meters in altitude between the mountain pines . It's the flower of Baldo: only grows here, as he found the naturalist Filippo Prosser from Rovereto, and comes from a species survived glaciations.

The Monte Baldo for its wide variety of flora, has been defined HORTUS ITALIAE, Garden of Europe. At Novezzina there is a botanical garden that allows you to see all the flowers and plants of Baldo. On the foothills of the massive grow many varieties of mushrooms and many species of small wild fruit, the more you are chestnuts and Marrone of San Zeno DOP sweet taste. The Baldo for his rugged territory, is very rich in wildlife: deer, chamois, hares, foxes, pheasants, thrushes, sparrows, robins and squirrels. Very often, walking in the woods, you can make some nice encounter with grazing herds, herds of horses, asses, mules and hinnies. In the glacial valleys, there are colonies of marmots. There is a pair of eagles and various and rare species of birds of prey. In the summer months, there is a unique combination of colors, for the arrival of several populations of butterflies. In those autumnal palette of colors is a delight. A few meters from the hotel Edelweiss, are the lifts to the top Costabella (mt., 1815), with a change at the shelter Mondini (1450), you can practice winter sports such as downhill skiing, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and hiking area for trips to ski mountaineering.

For lovers of hiking, there are many paths that connect the lake to the mountains, along which you'll find many votive capitals that testify to the ancient Christian tradition of the people of this land and also some very isolated churches, such as St. Antonio delle Pontare, the hermitage of Saints Benigno and Caro, San Bartolomeo and Sant Antonio. On the other side of Monte Baldo, the famous sanctuary of Madonna della Corona. At San Zeno di Montagna, there is the palace of Ca 'Montagna, a restored building of the fourteenth century, with mullioned windows and frescoed rooms.

Starting from the lake for Prada Alta, meets the Romanesque church of San Zen de l'Oselèt and the sanctuary of saints Don Giuseppe Nascimbeni and mother Domenica Mantovani, founders of the Piccole Suore della Sacra Famiglia of Castelletto di Brenzone. Continuing, we visit the charming medieval village of Campo where time seems to stand still. For walkers prepared the three refuges of Mount Baldo: Barana to the Telegrafo at m. 2147, with the adjoining church of Santa Rosa, just below the summit (m. 2200), the Chierego (m. 1911), near the chapel of the fallen Alpine wars, ten minutes from the arrival of the lift, adjacent to the refuge Fiori del Baldo (m., 1815).

From the summits and ridges of Mount Baldo open incomparable views of the Garda, the Alps of Lombardy, the Trentino group of Brenta and the Adige Valley. At dawn, after a summer storm, from the top of Monte Baldo, one can see the lagoon of Venice and the entire Po valley. From Prada, you can reach the refuge Telegrafo, also with a climbing, starting from the picturesque valley Trovaj, where the cave flows a small source of water, continuing into the valley delle Nogare until TACCOLE's climbing.

Along the paths, you get the alpine hut intended the summer mountain grazing, where staying the "herdsmen", you can find cheese and butter of their own production, and local honey.

Many of these paths are feasible even on a mountain bike; of particular beauty, the round the Baldo from Prada to Novezza, and the path "Paola Pezzo" from the lake to the Baldo.

For cycling lovers, along the road from Brenzone to Prada, you can make the hard climb called PUNTA VELENO. Start from Castello di Brenzone (m. 140) and arrives at Baito Scale (m. 1,154) and than arrives to Prada Alta. It's considered the most difficult climb in Italy and the fifth in Europe: nine kilometers long with an average gradient of 14.6% and a maximum of 24.5%.

At Prada is also practiced horseback riding and paragliding. For the latter, due to the updrafts - generated by the encounter between the hot air rising from the lake and the cold air that rises from the Val d'Adige - the flight conditions are optimal and ensure a long-lasting flight at high altitude.

Admiring the lake, you can see in front of of Assenza di Brenzone the Trimelone's island, a small strip of land that comes out of the lake, used until after the Second World War as a powder magazine. Nearby, there is a small river Arìl, the shortest river in the world, born in the village of Cassone and plunges into Lake Garda after a distance of 175 meters. Soon after, the beautiful medieval center around the Scaliger Castle in Malcesine.

The main festivities in the area are: the gathering of the Alpine in Costabella the first Sunday of July, the feast of the guest in August, the feast of Santa Rosa at the refuge Telegrafo on the last Sunday of August, the fair of San Michél on September 29 , the festival of chestnuts on the last Sunday of October, the Brujel (fires) of the "old" on the evening of January 5 and the picturesque Via Crucis in costume at Castelletto holy Friday.

In the plain the guest finds the streets of the great wines of Verona, Bardolino, Custoza, the Adige Valley, Valpolicella, with many wineries, as well as numerous oil mills are manufacturers of good olive oil Garda DOP.

Prada is also very near to highway 20km, with Affi and Peschiera del Garda, to the great entertainment and amusement such as Gardaland and Caneva world in Lazise, ??Jungle Adventure Park in San Zeno and the park Natura Viva Pastrengo.

From Prada you get to the city of Verona in 50 km. The town is worth a visit for its history: the Arena, Scaliger Castle, the church of San Zeno, Juliet's balcony, and numerous other historic buildings, monuments and squares.

The institution VeronaFiere place every year around twenty exhibitions, well known VinItaly, the Fieragricola, the Fair horses.

But for those who discover Prada, and the values ??of its surroundings, so as to make the center of gravity of a rewarding stay, the prize will be peace, the silence, the generous nature; a few steps from the hotel Edelweiss in each cardinal point, you are fascinated by the discoveries, resources, from historical and from meetings with friendly people, ancient alpine experience and availability.



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